2019 New Year Resolution

This is an illustration for the Chinese magazine New Weekly first issue of 2019. My new year resolution is “No More Late for School” and let my son…

Cover Illustration for The Coast

I was invited to do the cover illustration for Halifax local newspaper The Coast for the last issue in 2018. The assignment was about to put some typical…

Tea time

Tea time is an illustration practice when I was in an online course by illustrator Sang Miao in 2018. We are given some key words such as giant,…

Lufei’s dream

watercolor, colored pencil 小麓飞喜欢在被单上玩他的大船,他想象被子是大海。我把这张画完成后,觉得这也很像他在做一个梦。一个很好玩的事是我在艺术集市上展出这张画的时候,一个人认出了这是IKEA的床单,而且他说得没错,是IKEA床单哦。

Harbour View in Halifax

Every time I drive down from the Bayview Rd to Bedford High Way, I see big ships there in the harbour. It’s a typical view in Halifax.  This…

House portraits

From summer of 2018 I started to draw some house portraits. Sometimes I do sketches on the street, most of the time I took random photos and finish…


Tiger boy and rabbit girl

Man with a octopus

Noodle bunny

Lick lick!