From summer of 2018 I started to draw some house portraits. Sometimes I do sketches on the street, most of the time I took random photos and finish at home. I found each of the house has a very unique personality, just like human being.  Among the art works below, most of them are form Barrington street in downtown Halifax. Two of them are in Fredericton downtown. It’s a on going project and it helps me a lot to open my eyes and observe the beauty of the city.

这个小房子系列是一个还在进行中的项目。运用综合材料去描绘我所在城市的建筑物,忽略透视,尝试像孩子那样来画画。大多数房子是在哈法的市中心,下图中第三和第四所房子是在福来的市中心。虽然画的歪歪扭扭,但是我有充满感情得去描绘。在2018年底参加Halifax Crafter的手工集市时,我做了一些明信片,全部售出了,看来人们还是很欢迎看到一些本地的风景。希望自己能通过做这个系列作品,能够学会更好的观察,觉察到我们这个城市的美。