In my career as a stamp maker, I have been making many custom stamps. They are good for wedding invitation, birthday gift,  personal book plate(Ex-Libris), business logo, home address and so on. To order a custom stamp, just simply follow the 3 steps as following

Step 1, Send me over your photo/request by email and get a quote.  My email is
Step 2, I will send you a pencil draft and let know the size about the stamp. Usually I will get your payment before working on the final draft, either by e-transfer or PayPal. If you meet me at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market on Saturdays, you can also pay be cash or credit card.
Step 3, The stamp will be done in about 5-7 days, I will inform you when it is ready to pickup. I can also mail you by Canada Post if you are not in Halifax.


Please notice that the custom design does not necessarily to be a stamp, it can also be in digital form(vector illustrator files, PDF, JPG )This happens a lot for business logo designs.

Here is a price list(no HST needed, all in CAD)
Portrait with name -$30
Couple stamp starting from -$ 60
Book plate starting from – $45
Pet stamp – $30

If you already have the design and there are many small letters need to carve, it might be a good idea to look for a machine made stamp.

Feel free to send me over any questions or requests!